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Ring up sales!   effortless inventory counting!


RMSMobile is an innovative wireless solution for the Microsoft Retail Management
System (RMS).  It extends the functionality of RMS to a Pocket PC handheld device,
increasing the productivity of a business by barcode automation and wireless freedom.
RMSMobile provides a full extension of RMS, including purchase orders, inventory transfers,
work orders, quotes, layaways, price checking, physical inventory counts, mobile printing, new
customer creation, and new item creation.  It has unique innovative software implementation features, such as integrated barcode scanning and fast entry options to speed up the daily retail operations, substantially increasing the business's productivity.  RMSMobile will change the way you run your retail business.  RMSMobile Helper is an RMS physical inventory count rollup tool.  Please contact us for more information about RMSMobile today, or download more information below:
  RMSMobile brochure (PDF)

Download RMSMobile
  )   RMSMobile Helper Tool (PDF)
RMS Inventory Count Rollup Tool

RMSMobile is designed for Windows Mobile by Special Technology Solutions.  RMSMobile has a suite of modules which could be purchased separately:  Purchase Order, Transfer Order, Work Order/Quote/Layaway, Physical Inventory Count, Price Check/New Item. 

Purchase Orders
  • Create New Purchase Orders
  • Receive Shipments Wirelessly 
  • Create New Inventory Transfer Orders
  • Receive and Issue Transfer Orders
  • Work Orders
  • Work Orders
  • Quotes
  • Layaways

  • Inventory and Item Management
  • Physical Inventory Count (Real-time or Offline Batch Mode)
  • Price Check and Price Adjust
  • Create New Items
  • Printing
  • Wireless
  • Barcode Printing
  • Receipt and Label Printing
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